Types of Workers’ Compensation in Lake Forest Park

types of workers' compensation lake forest parkWorkers’ compensation is meant to protect both employees and employers and ensure that all parties are kept safe in the workplace. When injuries or illnesses happen at work, an employee may be entitled to benefits so they can recover easily. Understanding the different types of workers’ compensation can help you get the help you need if you are hurt at work. 


Medical-only workers’ comp is used when an employee experiences a minor injury on the job. If the employee only needs a small amount of treatment and can promptly return to work, this is the type of workers’ compensation that will be used. Generally, these types of injuries are mild and don’t hinder someone’s ability to work. 


Disability compensation is used when an employee is injured on the job and can’t return. Within this classification, there are four different types: temporary, permanent, partial, and total. Depending on the extent of an injury and how it affects an employee’s ability to work, one of these types will be used. 


In the incredibly unfortunate event that an employee loses their life on the job, death benefits will be used. Unlike the other types of workers’ compensation, this one benefits the family of the deceased employee. In some cases, funeral expenses will also be covered with this type of workers’ comp.  

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If you need help with a workers’ compensation claim, no matter the type, the attorneys at JFH Law are here to help. Our team will work with you to make sure all your questions are answered and help you get access to any benefits you’re entitled to if you’re hurt at work. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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