How to Prepare for a Workers’ Compensation Doctor’s Appointment in Lynnwood

workers' compensation lynnwoodIf you experience an injury or illness at work, it’s crucial that you get help as soon as possible. This includes a doctor’s visit to come up with a plan for healing and recovery. Knowing how to prepare for a workers’ compensation doctor’s appointment in Lynnwood can help you get the benefits you’re entitled to so you can get back to work. 

Find Out What Information Your Employer’s Insurance Has Provided

When you file a workers’ comp claim, your employer’s insurance will provide information to your doctor. This will be in the form of a letter, and you’re allowed to request access to this letter. Be sure to do this before your doctor’s appointment so you can know what to expect.   

List Your Symptoms  

Make sure that you make a list of the symptoms you’re experiencing due to your injury or illness. This will help you provide accurate information at the appointment. Having this list handy will keep you from forgetting what you wanted to tell your doctor. 

Review Your Accident

Have all your information straight before you go to your appointment. Your doctor will have to provide an account of your story to the employer’s insurance company. It’s important that there are no inconsistencies and that all your information is correct if you want to make the most of your workers’ compensation claim. 

Need Help With a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Lynnwood?

If you need help with or after your doctor’s appointment, the attorneys at JFH Law are here to help. Our team will work with you to make sure all your questions are answered and help you get access to any benefits you’re entitled to if you’re hurt at work. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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