How Workers’ Compensation Works in Granite Falls

workers' compensation granite fallsIf an employee is injured at a workplace and can’t continue to work, workers’ compensation is in place to help. There are a lot of reasons why workers’ comp insurance is a good idea for all parties involved. Understanding how it works can help you find out if you can benefit from it. 

Covers Employees and Employers

Workers’ comp benefits both employees and employers. It is designed to keep both parties covered in the unfortunate event of a workplace injury or illness. By making sure a workplace has good workers’ comp insurance, you can feel safer at work whether you are an employee or employer.

Offers Benefits to Injured Employees

One of the main functions of workers’ comp is to help employees who can no longer work due to an injury sustained on the job. Workers’ comp can help pay the wages of that employee while they recover so they can focus on getting better instead of worrying about money. It can also help pay for things like medical bills and vocational rehabilitation. 

Protects Employers

Workers’ compensation also protects employers. If an employee is injured or gets sick on the job, the company could be held responsible. Workers’ comp insurance puts a line of protection in place so a workplace injury doesn’t disrupt a company’s financial health. 

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